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Parents are positive about The Q

Mother & Child - Pediatric Position Holder & Immobilizer <
“Months ago my baby had a VCUG the old way – technologists had to manually restrain my daughter during the procedure.Therefore, I was so apprehensive when we returned for our follow-up examination. This time the technologist used The Q. It was so much better for my baby and much less stressful for me as a parent.”
Mom of 6 month old infant, Lubbock, TX
Dad holding daughter - Pediatric Position Holder & Immobilizer >
"My daughter was so happy you let me stay in the room during the procedure. My daughter stayed focused on me and the Q holder and less on the room and scary machines.”
Dad of 2 year old from Clovis, NM
Parent and Child - Pediatric Position Holder & Immobilizer <
“My son was wiggling too much to allow the technologist to get good ultrasound pictures. After we put on the foam holder, the technologist was able to get clearer pictures.”
Mom of 16 month old from Hobbs, NM