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The Q Pediatric Position Holder is a revolutionary new pediatric child friendly, single patient use immobilizer which is effective, safe, simple and versatile. The Q Position Holder is an emerging medical technology for children that standardizes the process of immobilization. The Q holder offers consistency across all modes of care for the infant and child. Our 1/2” thick, soft polyester foam holder has no extraneous straps, boards, or hook & loop attachments. Our hope is that we can lessen the anxiety, fear, and distress which are ways that children respond to medical procedures.[1]

Young Female Pediatric Patient holding The Q Position Holder & Immobilizer
Therapeutic play allows the child to express anxiety and fear. The colorful Q holder allows for medical play and helps the child to focus on the artwork.

Getting comfortable and playing with The Q before procedure - Pediatric Position Holder & Immobilizer
When utilizing a play-based approach, our holder can be considerably less stressful

Why we call it The Q

The Q Pediatric Position Holder was created by Dr. Frank Quattromani (a.k.a. “Dr. Q”), a board certified pediatric radiologist.


there is no uniform standard agreement on how children should be temporarily held immobile for various medical procedures.

Today it is commonplace to tie-down, tape down, or hold down.

The Q Holder ends the practice of physically overpowering the child to gain control and render the child motionless.

Our Pediatric Position Holder is multifunctional

The Q Pediatric Position Holder is a multifunctional solution to hold the child immobile for the following procedures, including:

- Lancing abscesses - Performing basic radiologic procedures
- Repairing lacerations - Performing ECGs, ultrasound and CT examinations
- Starting intravenous lines - And more
- Maintaining a sterile field  
Chest and abdomen free for respirations - Pediatric Position Holder & Immobilizer
When fully deployed, our Q holder leaves the chest and abdomen free for unrestricted respirations

Pediatric Position Holder & Immobilizer
The Q does not interefer with tubes and lines

Additional features and characteristics

Pediatric Position Holder & Immobilizer

Pediatric Position Holder & Immobilizer Pediatric Position Holder & Immobilizer

Pediatric Position Holder & Immobilizer
Help the child focus somewhere else

Pediatric Position Holder & Immobilizer

Our positioner allows us to “hold without handling.” The methodology designed into The Q pediatric position holder places the child in a warm, cushioned and open design for medical procedures where the lines, tubes, and catheters are easily accessible. The Q is intended to compliment and not replace the child life specialist.

The ergonomic features

The new contoured ergonomic design is a pure positioning innovation which:

  1. Reduces excessive force on the child's extremities.
  2. Contours to the child's body rather than the child being forced to conform to the immobilizer.
  3. Reduces excessive motion.
  4. Minimizes pressure points on the child's extremities.
  5. Provides for clearance of tubes and lines.
  6. Firmly contours to support the head and neck as a unit.
Pediatric Position Holder & Immobilizer
Comfortable, relaxed patients allow technicians to capture better images


The design keeps the arms and legs away form the chest and abdomen leaving the chest “open” for better respirations.

Pediatric Position Holder & Immobilizer
Appropriate positioning improves the experience for the child and parent

Radiation reduction

The opportunity to reduce radiation exposure is a critical issue within pediatric radiology and is an exceptional benefit provided by The Q Holder.

The Q assists children to remain montionless for diagnostic X-Rays, thus fewer exposures could mean less radiation. The Q allows the radiologic technologists to remain further from the primary and scatter radiation.

Parents are positive about The Q

Mother & Child - Pediatric Position Holder & Immobilizer

“Months ago my baby had a VCUG the old way – the technician had to manually restrain my daughter during the procedure and it was very upsetting to watch. My baby hated it. I was so apprehensive when we returned for our follow-up examination. This time the technologist used The Q Pediatric Position Holder. It was so much better for my baby and much less stressful for me as a parent. It made the procedure easier for everyone!”

~ Mom of 6 month old infant, Lubbock, TX

Pediatric Position Holder & Immobilizer
Involving the parent calms the child

The Q is for single-patient use only to ensure compliance with infection prevention requirements and protocols.

Pediatric Position Holder & Immobilizer
The Q is a better and easier experience on both child and parent


Frank Louis Quattromani, MD, Pediatric Radiologist

Patricia Rae Quattromani, co-inventor and product designer

Patent: #62/773,347

For more information contact us at:


Phone: (806)778-2183 or (806)241-0373

Email: [email protected]

Website: The Q -

[1] Infant immobilization and pediatric papooses: We’ve come a long way. Journal of Emergency Nursing Oct. 2007; 33:451-5

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