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Introducing The Q

A Pediatric Position Holder

Why we call it The Q

(Por Que Lo LLamomos La Q)

The Q Pediatric Position Holder was created by Dr. Frank Quattromani (a.k.a. “Dr. Q”), a board certified pediatric radiologist.

Most pediatric medical procedures are better performed when the child is motionless

The Q positioner maximizes contact, minimizes movement allowing for sufficient stabilization without unnecessary hands-on

One Arm Held - Pediatric Position Holder Two Arm Hold - Pediatric Position Holder
One Arm Held
(Un Brazo Envuelto)
Two Arms Held
(Dos Brazos Envueltos Alrededor)
Two Arms One Leg Hold - Pediatric Position Holder Two Arms One Leg Held - Pediatric Position Holder
Two Arms One Leg - Note the Inner Fold
(Dos Brazos Y Una Pierna Envueltos)
Two Arms Both Legs - Outer Fold Surrounds and Secures
(Dos Brazos Y Dos Piernas Envueltos)

Radiation reduction
(Reduccion De La Radiacion)

The opportunity to reduce radiation exposure is a critical issue within the pediatric radiology community. The Q assists with positioning for diagnostic X-Rays, thus fewer exposures could mean less radiation.

The Q allows the radiologic technologists to remain further from the primary and scatter radiation.


Dr. Frank Louis Quattromani, M.D. >

Frank Louis Quattromani, M.D.

Pediatric Radiologist

Patricia Rae Quattromani

Co-Inventor and Product Designer